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November 06, 2016


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I've waited throughout this election for the candidates to explain a bit about how they will do what they say they will do. I wanted details! But no, they spent all their time attacking each other. And as much on personal issues as on policy. So disappointing and disgusting.

No, of course the president can't create jobs. Employers create jobs, and usually on the local level. And that's part of the economy. Banks their interest rates can nudge the economy one way or another, but the economy is a huge amorphous thing, tied into a global economy. No one person in the Oval Office has control.

And even if the president could affect jobs or the economy with the wave of a hand, Congress has to approve it (except for executive orders).

In lieu of proposed policies, then, we are left to vote on perceived personalities. And this year there's no "I like Ike" feeling for the candidates. Everyone seems to be voting "the lesser of two evils." Sad. And after the last 8 years, it's obvious we no longer have the checks and balances that Congress and the Supreme Court are supposed to provide.

No matter who wins, we are facing huge problems trying to come together enough to move forward.

(Sorry, didn't mean to prattle on.)

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