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March 19, 2011


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Well, yes, basically. However, the fact that the young (and most are) rebels in the Muslim states now can communicate introduces a new dimension. No doubt, traditional governments in the Middle East won't give us much credit for anything we do or don't do. But those millions of disgruntled youths probably will. I think Obama made the right call here, even though it is a bit iffy.


Well, I wrote a reply to this but it doesn't seem to be here. Don't know where it went. Don't you hate it when "technology" wastes your time and forces re-dos?

Anyway, thanks for your comment. The gist of mine was that I sincerely hope you're right, since we're now committed. It's nice to think that we can strike out in a new foreign policy direction that would have us "doing the right thing" and help gruntle some of those youths.

But I do still have reservations, mainly of the "what happens if" variety: i.e., if air power alone can't bring about the regime change we want? Having basically committed to removing Gaddafi/Qaddafi, wouldn't we have to take the next step toward deeper involvement? Let's hope for the best.


If there is deeper involvement, we once again will be in serious trouble. I think everything depends upon whether we will keep our word (yep, that too often doesn't happen in foreign relations) and refuse to participate in anything other than air strikes.

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