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February 15, 2012


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Yes, the election probably will preclude neat packages. Here in Michigan we are being bombarded with TV ads and political commentary prior to the Republican primary at the end of the month. Romney is claiming "favorite son" status, but he is facing severe counter attacks from those who know the auto industry bailout saved the state's economy. Romney said too many times that the bailout was improper. His present chief opponent, Santorum, goes further. He claims the auto bailout was an illegal act. It will be interesting to see what happens, including how many Democrats claim Republican status in the primary to vote against Romney.


Thanks for that insight. We're hearing a lot here in DC/Virginia about Romney's troubles in his "home" state.

In Virginia we would normally expect a heavy onslaught of ads before our Republican primary on March 6 but it may not occur this time, as only Romney and Paul succeeded in fulfilling the requirements to be on the ballot.

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