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February 19, 2014


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Funny, I've been mourning the slow death of my beloved publishing industry (I retired in 1998) without ever giving a thought to how technology was also killing the paper industry.

I do most things electronically now, but only because I can get paper copies from everyone if I want them. If that ever stops being an option, I'll get very nervous. Computer errors are too easy to make (without realizing it) and electronic documents go "poof" all too easily.


Thanks for your comment. I agree, the ability to get paper even from those pushing the electrons is reassuring (though so is the ability to call up the electrons if your paper ever disappears).
So the cautious among us will probably continue to go with double backup for the really important stuff.
But I hope we can avoid REQUIRING government (or business) to perpetuate the costly paper option when the world is clearly headed the other way. That's just building inefficiency into the process ... something that in our great cumulated wisdom these days, we ought to be able to recognize and avoid.

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