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October 13, 2014


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Dick Klade

Several good takes on the situation. Right you are, this does mesh well with my latest post. It's pretty easy, it seems, to cast concerns for the environment aside when big profits are there for the grabbing.


I read recently that testing has shown there isn't nearly as much oil to drill for in ANWR as has been claimed, but that hasn't stopped the oil companies from screaming for the right and need to drill all over the Alaskan wilderness, as well as off shore. And the fracking fight is huge in Colorado. One town passed a law to prohibit fracking within its city limits and the energy company sued the town. We had two fracking measures on our ballot, which I was just dying to vote NO on, and the governor brokered some compromise that took them off the ballot. Yet I've had two different pro-fracking pollsters come to my door to ask my opinion about it. You'd better believe I told them!

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