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November 03, 2014


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I've also seen cogent discussions of the Republicans' branding problems. I'm inclined to say Congress has a branding problem. The whole lot of them. Regardless of party, no one is happy with Congress, and no matter who is elected, I think we're doomed to more of the same. Inane partisanship and gridlock.

The ACA was a great idea initially, but by the time its remains got through Congress, it was in shreds. Its implementation was awful, and it failed to address some of the biggest problems in our health care system (obscene drug prices, for-profit insurance companies with little or no competition, an insufficient and poorly distributed supply of doctors, etc.).

I'm expecting the worst today for Democrats, and yet I don't think much will change in Washington. A GOP majority may or may not get its act together and start proposing meaningful legislation, and the Dems will oppose them every step of the way. And we'll still be looking at a do-nothing Congress.

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