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November 11, 2014


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Years ago my parents joined others in their neighborhood in paying a hefty price to have the power lines behind their homes buried. It was money well spent. The result was a beautiful, unobstructed view of old cottonwood trees, a golf course, and a lake. And uninterrupted power during storms. That was in an old Oklahoma City neighborhood. In my much newer Denver suburb, all power lines are buried, and that seems to be what developers do here -- bury the lines to start with. I'm sure it's more expensive in the short run, but it pays off in aesthetics, fewer power outages, and less maintenance in the long run. I remember in Oklahoma City the power company crews came through regularly to "trim" trees (aka hack ugly holes through them) to keep the lines clear.


Yes, that's a nice solution. There are a few areas like that in our area, but not many. In farther out suburbs far newer than mine, lines are being buried in some cases but as a rule, builders just find it easier/cheaper/quicker to string them overhead, even where the homes are fairly posh and pricy.

You raise another good point, the constant trimming of trees - that too has costs - crews to do the trimming, and aesthetic costs, as you say.

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