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March 11, 2015


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I'd hoped at least that a Republican majority in both houses would bring an end to GOP obstructionism and the beginning of some serious lawmaking. After all, as the minority, their only real option was obstructionism (they said). But no, hurting the president still seems to be their only goal. They're proving to be childish and dangerous buffoons. Even with the chance now to implement some of their own ideas for the country, they'd still rather spend their time obstructing Obama in every way they can think of. Only now they've taken it from Washington to the global arena and are mucking around with international relations and foreign policy. Someone should chop off their meddling little fingers ... at the neck.

Dick Klade

As far as a "right" and "wrong" in this matter, I believe the president is dead right and the gang of 47 altogether wrong. Taking the broad view, the situation with Iran is a bit like that with Cuba. When a strategy fails for many years, it is time to try something new. That's not a political point of view, it's common sense. Congress has shown quite a lack of that of late.

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