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February 28, 2017


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I agree wholeheartedly. I cringe at the very thought of Democrats announcing (proudly, even) that they intend to "Resist!" and replace the Republicans as "The Party of 'No.'" That's precisely the attitude that gridlocked the nation for eight years. And yet that's the path they want to choose? Better they look for common ground wherever it can be found; create, offer, and support compromises, options, and alternatives. It's not about party, dammit! It's about doing what's best for the country. And where there's disagreement about that, be adult enough to work out compromises that will at least allow a bit of forward progress.

Dick Klade

Yes. I like a reasonable approach following the "when they go low, we go high" concept. Claims that progressives should mimic the Tea Party path to regain power are thoughtless.

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