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April 05, 2017


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Dick Klade

Amen. Sooner or later, if our democracy is to survive one of the parties must truly practice "when they go low, we go high," and there's virtually no chance that will be the Republicans. The approach you advocate here would be a good opportunity for the Democrats to show some badly needed leadership.


I'm proud to say my Dem senator is the last and only Dem standing in opposition to a filibuster, though not yet saying if he'll vote Gorsuch up or down. But maybe he doesnt' deserve that much credit since Gorsuch is a fellow Coloradan. Frankly I think the Dems should go along with the man who seems to be the most qualified of the conservative judges. They should hold their fire this time and go all out against the next nominee, if Trump gets to name a second justice, because it's that justice who will unbalance the court to the right.


Given today's events, the Democrats appear to have missed an opportunity to be seen as the adults in the halls of Congress. On the other hand, the very fact that Donald Trump was elected suggests that many voters don't seem to consider "adult" as a necessary qualification in political matters!

Of course, if the Dems lost an opportunity, the Republicans avidly seized one: the opportunity to be viewed as the party of the first and only part, dedicated to their own dogma and far less concerned about the nation than about renewing their own grip on power.

Over time, I believe the GOP loses, but they haven't yet realized it.

Meantime the silver lining is that I frankly don't think Gorsuch will be the right-wing puppet that both parties expect he will be.


Let us hope that if Trump has the chance to nominate another justice to the court, that will occur after the Democrats have resumed control of Congress in about 18 months.

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