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October 08, 2020


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Trump was smart enough to realize a virtual debate would put him at a disadvantage because the moderator could cut him off at will. And he counts on being able to talk over his opponent. Biden, on the other hand, is wise enough to realize Trump may still be contagious and that it would be foolish to get anywhere near him. In lieu of debates, Trump wants to have another rally -- where he can possibly infect dozens of supporters. Like you, I'm thinking we've seen the last of the debates. But I expect more rallies for the spreader-in-chief.


Yes, so many rallies set for this week. A progression of desperation is in play. My takeaway from the GOP convention was "desperate." After the first debate, more desperate, and scared. Even more so now with the flurry of rallies and the fake bluster of Trump's "immunity" to covid-19. I believe many voters can see it, and it's not what they want to see in a President.

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