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May 04, 2022


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We can only guess at the motive of the person who leaked the decision, but the result obviously has been poking the sleeping pro-choice contingent into a frenzy that, I hope, will carry over to the election.

I don't know if the court can delay announcing the decision. Their current session ends in June or July, when they will have announced their decisions on all the issues before them in this session.

I haven't considered the court unbiased for quite some time, but the current Trump court is beyond the pale. And they have life appointments!


Regret the delay in acknowledging the truth of your point that the Court announces its decisions at the end of the current session, i.e. June or July. My oversight.

Yet I remain uneasy, in the prevailing climate where norms and even laws are overlooked or overturned, that an excuse for delay could be manufactured.

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